River Wyre

Tarnbrook to Abbeystead

Grade 3
Length 2.5 km
Current Level empty @0.1 2 hours ago

Lovely small tree lined gorge until Lee Bridge, where the river passes over a small weir. Below this the river widens out and increases in volume with the addition of several small tribs. Whilst the river is best saved for in medium-high water, it becomes a terrifyingly relentless tree avoidance mission in spate. ... read more about Tarnbrook to Abbeystead

Abbeystead to Dolphinholme

Grade 2
Length 4 km
Current Level empty @0.1 2 hours ago

From the confluence of the Tarnbrook and Marshaw Wyre's the river flows through a flat overgrown section of river into Abbeystead reservoir. The dam is yet to see a descent, for good reason, portage on the left and put back in below a small foot bridge. Two small weirs of note break up the easier water on the way down to Dolphinholme. The river continues at the same grade down at least as far as Cleveley Bridge, but this is into fishing territory, so expect hassle! ... read more about Abbeystead to Dolphinholme