Needlehouse Gill: Above footbridge to Upper Rawthey Confluence

Grade 5
Length 0.5 km
Paddleable high to spate

in North West ยท Yorkshire


An alternative start to the Upper Rawthey. A 2.5m fall, a 7m slide and a tight difficult gorge that's probably blocked with trees!

Water Levels

Needs high levels, but spate would be terminal

Getting There

Putin W2°24'54" N54°22'1"
Takeout W2°25'15" N54°21'56"

From Rawthey Bridge carry on upstream and take a small road on the right. After 1km, turn right again, and then park where the road forks. Walk the boats down the left fork to a bridge over Needlehouse Gill and choose where's best to put on above this. This would only be run if you intended carrying on down the Upper Rawthey.

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