Kent: Burneside to Scroggs Weir

Grade 2
Length 8 km
Paddleable medium to spate

in North West ยท other sections on Kent


One weir in Kendal to be aware of in high flows, the remainder is a fun float through Kendal and a nice way to make a full day out of a trip down the Sprint, Mint or upper Kent by linking it with the lower Kent.

Water Levels

Needs to have had a bit of rain in the last few days, but once the rivers of the Sprint and Mint join, you should have enough water if you've managed to get down the top 500m.

Getting There

Putin W2°45'38" N54°21'12"
Takeout W2°45'3" N54°18'30"

Downstream of the bridge (river right) in Burneside is a small park and area for parking; an ideal put-in spot. Traverse Kendal, and just as you leave the residential area heading south on the A6, a small road turns off from a lay-by on the left. Drive right down to the end and there's a fairly sizeable parking area next to the river.

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