Cocker: Southwaite Bridge to Cockermouth

Grade 2/3
Length 3 km
Current Level high @1.17 39 minutes ago

in North West · other sections on Cocker


Often paddled in conjunction with the top section, this part of the river conveniently contains all the whitewater interest if you're after a quick blast down a shorter section. The run starts with a small weir - beware the towback in high levels. The best section of this run is the final kilometre through the town, where the river yields a number of bouncy grade 3's with nice surf waves at certain levels.

Getting There

Putin W3°20'54" N54°38'33"
Takeout W3°22'5" N54°39'52"

Parking is possible on river left above the roadbridge, adjacent to the weir. Take-out just after the confluence from the Derwent, river right just after the first bridge you pass under. There is a huge car park next to a play area where you can leave your car.


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