Caldew: Dalston to Carlisle

Grade 1/2
Length 7 km
Paddleable low to high

in North West ยท other sections on Caldew


Wide meandering section with two weirs to be aware of. The first small weir is just after a railway bridge and washes out in high water but can be very grabby at certain levels. The second is a big drop onto a ledge. A definite portage. The route round both is on river right. You can take out here, or continue through Carlisle itself.

Water Levels

Holds its water for a good while after rain.

Getting There

Putin W2°58'55" N54°50'21"
Takeout W2°56'41" N54°54'4"

A small carpark, accessed from the middle of Dalston provides a convenient put-in. The takeout is just before the confluence with the Eden with a large car park behind the castle.

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