Big Water of Fleet: Viaduct to Nether Rusko

Grade 3 (4)
Length 5 km
Paddleable high to spate


From the viaduct the river starts at grade 2, building to beautiful continuous grade three through pine-forest. The main event of the trip (grade 4) comes up suddenly and eddies are limited. Best option is scout/portage left.

Water Levels

Needs to have been hooning down for a while to bring this little beauty into condition. When the water is lapping over the ledge as it passes under the viaduct the river is at an ideal level giving a continuous alpine feel.

Getting There

Putin W4°15'6" N54°57'8"
Takeout W4°12'19" N54°54'57"

Ample parking is available at the obvious put-in; the huge (and picturesque) viaduct at the end of the road. Follow the road south taking two left turns (the second being a tight switchback to reach the takeout bridge.

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