Barle: Simonsbath to Withypool

Grade 2
Length 10 km
Paddleable high to spate

in Exmoor · South West · other sections on Barle


Unusual and undemanding run: mediocre whitewater but fun as an exploratory adventure. First 500m often portaged along the footpath river left to avoid 2 sheep fences, before continuous gd2 through open moorland. Landacre bridge is an alternative takeout as it is flat from there down to Withypool.

Getting There

Putin W3°45'24" N51°8'16"
Takeout W3°39'3" N51°6'24"

Putin at the small bridge in Simonsbath, and takeout at the main bridge in Withypool. Lanacre bridge bridge is a possible alternative takeout (a few km upstream of Withypool) as it is flat from here down.

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