Talardd to Llanuwchllyn

4.5km of grade 4/5 on the river Twrch (Bala)

A fun run whose difficultly depends very much on the levels. Starting with 2km of grade 3/4 the run hots up after reaching a 1.5m horseshoe weir. Downstream is hard grade 4 and two grade 5 falls. The 2nd grade 5 is about 50m above the takeout bridge, and it is easy to walk up and have a quick look-see before you get on.

Getting There

Putin · Takeout

Takeout at the B4403 bridge in Llanuwchllyn, at the SW end of Llyn Tegid near Bala. To reach the put-in head upstream along a steep road on river right to Talardd and get-on at the the bridge.

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