Newby Bridge to Low Wood

3.5km of grade 3/4 (5) on the river Leven

Excellent short blast, with plenty of playwaves, weirs and rapids. Runs at a variety of levels, often for days after rain as Windermere lake drains. Backbarrow is the main event - an intimidating grade 4 under the road bridge, but with a nice big pool to mop up the pieces! You often have an audience from the hotel. The big weir after Backbarrow can be run at grade 5, but not recommended - there's a simple portage on river left. Current recommendation is to get out river right above the roadbridge at Low Wood to avoid erosion of the bank below the bridge on river left.

Getting There

Putin · Takeout

The put-in on river right on the small road just downstream of the bridge (in Newby Bridge) is right on some salmon redds. Provided you won't touch/scrape over these as you launch, you'll be fine. If not, find an alternative put-in or perhaps a different river for the day.

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