Cwm Farm to Viaduct

2km of grade 3 (4) on the river Cynfal

Pretty much continuous grade 2 with some 3. Keep your eyes out for possible tree/fence portages. Hop out at the A470 bridge as the difficulty ups a little and it's worth inspecting the next 500m for trees. Down to the viaduct there's some slides, a slot then a sweet double drop into a slot rapid into a clean 4ft drop. Get out at the viaduct as there's sumps and nastiness if you choose to continue.

Getting There

Putin · Takeout

Takeout at the viaduct just after the A470 roadbridge (just south of Ffestiniog). A footpath river left leads back to the road. To reach the put-in, head upstream along the road on river right to Cwm Farm.

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