Wear: Wearhead to Stanhope

Grade 3 (4)
Length 14.5 km
Current Level scrape @0.32 23 minutes ago

in North East · other sections on Wear


Fun grade 3 run after the 6m grade 4 waterfall at the start. If running all the way to Stanhope, beware of the sticky weir above the bridge.

Getting There

Putin W2°13'43" N54°45'34"
Takeout W2°0'59" N54°44'50"

Highest put-in is at the bridge in Cowshill (technically on Killhope Burn), if you drive up from Wearhead you will see the waterfall from the road that you want to put-in above. If you don't want to run the waterfall, pr levels are low, put-in at Wearhead. Various take-outs possible, either at the bridges in Daddry Shield or Eastgate or above the ford in Stanhope.


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