River Wear

Wearhead to Stanhope

Grade 3 (4)
Length 14.5 km
Current Level empty @0.1 today at 06:45

Fun grade 3 run after the 6m grade 4 waterfall at the start. If running all the way to Stanhope, beware of the sticky weir above the bridge. ... read more about Wearhead to Stanhope

Durham to Finchale Priory

Grade 2
Length 8.5 km
Current Level empty @0.27 36 minutes ago

A relaxed touring run. ... read more about Durham to Finchale Priory

Stanhope to Wolsingham

Grade 2/3
Length 10 km
Current Level empty @0.22 21 minutes ago

Fairly continuous grade two, with the odd bit of three, an occasional surf wave and a weir above Wolsingham. ... read more about Stanhope to Wolsingham

Wolsingham to Witton-Le-Wear

Grade 2 (3)
Length 13 km
Current Level empty @0.22 21 minutes ago

Small bit of grade three at the start, with a surfable wave. The gradient then eases off throughout the run. ... read more about Wolsingham to Witton-Le-Wear