Tywi: Dolauhirion to Llangathen

Grade 2 (3)
Length 30 km
Paddleable low to spate

in South Wales ยท other sections on Tywi


The rapid under the bridge in Llandovery can reach grade 3 in high water, but otherwise a relaxed and pleasant grade 2 touring run.

Getting There

Putin W3°48'18" N52°0'34"
Takeout W4°3'0" N51°52'24"

Putin at Dolauhirion, the minor road bridge just upstream of the main A40 bridge in Llandovery. Takeout at the bridge downstream of the Llandeilo A483 bridge, on a minor road between Llangathen and Golden Grove. It is possible to takeout in Llandeilo to shorten the run by 5km, but access to the river is tricky.

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