Trent: Trent Lock (Thrumpton Weir)

Grade 3/4
Length km
Current Level empty @1.09 today at 05:00

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A big green (brown) fast wave that you can front surf and carve around on to your hearts content. The shape of the waves favours longer (faster) boats.

Water Levels

Lots of water needed for this to run. The usual disclaimers about getting on the Trent in high water apply! You can't really see the wave before you get on, so keep your fingers crossed it's go. The wave is usually at its best when the Colwick gauge is reading 2.8 - 3.2m (though as the weir is quite a way from the gauge, it is worth looking at whether or not it’s rising or falling to avoid disappointment). If Trent Lock is too low, try Farndon Weir, if it’s too high, try Sawley Weir.

Getting There

Putin W1°16'21" N52°52'31"
Takeout W1°15'44" N52°52'25"

The best parking spot (i.e. the one that causes least bother to locals) is the public car parks near the Trent Lock Inn. Once on the water, paddle downstream ~300m, avoid turning left onto the canal. Just after the railway bridge is the weir - it’s possible to paddle past the bouys on the left. Getting back you have two choices - put in above the weir and paddle upstream, which can be a challenge in high flows / wind, or paddle downstream a few hundred meters and turn left to come back along the canal cut, portaging the lock.


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