River Trent

Trent Lock (Thrumpton Weir)

Grade 3/4
Length km
Current Level empty @1.73 2 hours ago

A big green (brown) fast wave that you can front surf and carve around on to your hearts content. The shape of the waves favours longer (faster) boats. ... read more about Trent Lock (Thrumpton Weir)

Newark Weir

Grade 2/3
Length km
Current Level medium @1.73 2 hours ago

A friendly green wave in low levels, it builds gradually, eventually turning into a sticky walled in monster when it gets too high. Look before you leap! ... read more about Newark Weir

Sawley Weir

Grade 4
Length 0.1 km
Current Level empty @1.13 30 minutes ago

A big wave river left, and at certain levels a hole river right that can be played on all day, each working best at different levels (once you've worked out how to get on them). ... read more about Sawley Weir