Swindale Beck: Source to Brough

Grade 5
Length 4.5 km
Paddleable spate

in North East ยท North West


Very hard, crunchy waterfall spate beck. Various falls, some with shallow landings. Trees may mean some are portages. There's also a big sloping weir in Brough.

Water Levels

A gauge below the Eden confluence exists, but it the reading here is probably too affected by the Eden level to be useful. http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/homeandleisure/floods/riverlevels/120711.aspx?stationId=5059

Getting There

Putin W2°16'29" N54°33'53"
Takeout W2°18'56" N54°31'37"

Get in on the stream off the B6276. Get out on the right after the weir in Brough.

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