Stonesdale Beck: Stonesdale Lane Bridge to Swale Confluence

Grade 3/4 (5)
Length 3 km
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in North West · Yorkshire


Small, steep trib of the Upper Swale with plenty of small drops, fences and a short walled-in gorge containing some siphons near the end. Finishes with Currack Force waterfall which has a very shallow landing in all but spate levels. Thanks to Dave Peel for info.

Water Levels

Recent heavy rain needed

Getting There

Putin W2°10'45" N54°26'7"
Takeout W2°10'28" N54°24'31"

In high water put-in at road bridge on Stonesdale Lane when driving towards Tan Hill. Also possible to put in from bridleway about 1km further down the valley with a short walk-in. Either take-out above Currack Force or carry on down the Swale where it merges just below Rainby Force (although easy to get out and run Rainby too).




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