How Stean Beck: How Stean Gorge

Grade 5/6
Length 1 km
Paddleable medium to high

in Yorkshire


A brilliant canyoning gorge, in places 15m deep and 2m wide, not the place for a kayak... or is it? Highly recommended on an inner tube when water is up a bit, though you will need it partially inflated for some of the tighter slides and flumes. Not recommended in high water. The only escape from the gorge is halfway down through the hidden cave... if you can find it. No ropes required.

Water Levels

Not clear if this has seen a kayak descent, a reasonable amount of water needed to float a boat, but pinning potential could make this lethal in high levels.

Getting There

Putin W1°51'54" N54°9'30"
Takeout W1°51'6" N54°9'20"

Head for Lofthouse in Upper Nidderdale. The village of Stean is nearby, with a couple of tourist car parks.

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