Severn: Shrewsbury Weir

Grade 3/4
Length 0.1 km
Current Level empty @1.21 3 hours ago

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Shrewsbury Weir is a playspot that comes into condition only when the Severn is very high. At lower levels it can form a dangerous stopper and should be avoided - note that the level suggested here is only an indicator that it should be running. If it looks nasty, it probably is - don't get on! The wave flushes when the river rises further.

Getting There

Putin W2°44'26" N52°42'45"
Takeout W2°44'21" N52°42'46"

The weir is just downstream of the town centre itself. There is ample parking along Sydney Avenue - just find somewhere the water won't be start lapping at your car whilst you're strutting your stuff.


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