River Severn

Old Hall bridge to Llanidloes

Grade 2/3
Length 5 km
Paddleable medium to spate

Grade 2/3 leads down to the Mount Severn weir. This is a bit tricky, falling steeply onto rock and then funnelling through a slot, but can be portaged easily. ... read more about Old Hall bridge to Llanidloes

Llanidloes to Caersws

Grade 2
Length 15 km
Paddleable low to spate

Unremarkable run, but pleasant enough. ... read more about Llanidloes to Caersws

Caersws to Abermule

Grade 1/2
Length 21 km
Paddleable low to spate

Pleasant touring run, although this is not a pretty section. Watch out for Penarth weir 3km east of Newtown. This obvious from the river and can either be portaged well before round the weir buildings on river left, or scramble up the steep right bank just above it. ... read more about Caersws to Abermule

Abermule to Pool Quay

Grade 1/2
Length 28 km
Paddleable very low to spate

A pleasant touring section: there are a few weirs but most will be friendly unless the river is high. ... read more about Abermule to Pool Quay

The Bore

Grade 3
Length 29 km

The bore is a tidal phenomena that happens twice a day. The incoming tide forces a pressure wave to go roaring upstream. The EA publishes a bore forecast for the year giving dates and times: the best bores are usually on big spring tides. ... read more about The Bore

Shrewsbury Weir

Grade 3/4
Length 0.1 km
Current Level empty @1.59 2 hours ago

Shrewsbury Weir is a playspot that comes into condition only when the Severn is very high. At lower levels it can form a dangerous stopper and should be avoided - note that the level suggested here is only an indicator that it should be running. If it looks nasty, it probably is - don't get on! The wave flushes when the river rises further. ... read more about Shrewsbury Weir