Prysor: Pont Dolydd to Trawsfynydd

Grade 2/3 (4)
Length 6 km
Paddleable high to spate

in North Wales · Snowdonia · other sections on Prysor


Spate stream with 4 brilliant gorges. There is harder gd4 drop about halfway down after the 2nd gorge, and a series of steps below the bridge in Trawsfynydd can be gd4 in big water, watch out for sticky stoppers.

Getting There

Putin W3°51'57" N52°54'31"
Takeout W3°55'10" N52°53'50"

Takeout at the lower road bridge in Trawsfynydd, and putin at the A4212 road bridge at Pont Dolydd Prysor.

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