Lower Clydach: Penlanau to Tawe confluence

Grade 2/3 (4+)
Length 10 km
Paddleable medium to spate

in South Wales


An excellent run. Watch out for a trees and one small weir, but otherwise no nasties. One harder fall (gd4) jsut before the confluence with the Tawe is easy to spot with an obvious horizon line.

Getting There

Putin W3°55'12" N51°45'45"
Takeout W3°54'10" N51°40'52"

Takeout from the Tawe at small road bridge just upstream of the M4 about a km below the confluence in Clydach town. An OS map is useful to find the putin as its tricky: head upstream along minor roads on river right and then head down to a small bridge by Penlanau.

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