De Lank: Delford Bridge to Tregaddick

Grade 5
Length 5 km
Paddleable high to spate

in Cornwall ยท South West


Masochistic. Mellow for the first 1.5km, then suddenly drops steeply through quarry workings. Watch out for the river disappearing underground: carry up river right past the quarry buildings to where it re-surfaces. This happens again later. Once you reach the footbridge (an alternative putin) you've braved the worst, and the river eases to grade 4.

Getting There

Putin W4°39'47" N50°33'8"
Takeout W4°41'54" N50°32'0"

Putin at Delford Bridge, the bridge downstream of the village of Bradford. Takeout at the bridge at Tregaddick just upstream of the confluence with the river Camel.

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