River Kent

Kentmere to Scroggs Bridge

Grade 2/3
Length 5 km
Current Level scrape @0.5 today at 15:00

The first 200m is fairly tree ridden and may be worth portaging if super high. The exit to Kentmere Tarn can also be a bit tree-eey but the flow isn't fast so portaging is OK. The remainder of the run is constantly moving so provides continual interest throughout. The highlight is a few hundred metres of grade 3, not far after a pretty mini-gorge. If you don't plan to run the rapid at Scroggs bridge (grade 4), it might be worth scouting your take-out eddy on the way up. ... read more about Kentmere to Scroggs Bridge

Scroggs Bridge to Burneside

Grade 3 (4)
Length 7 km
Current Level low @0.5 today at 15:00

Two grade 4 rapids and four significant weirs. The run starts with a bang at Scroggs Bridge, putting in below is possible if you'd rather a more sedate warm up. A couple of weirs appear through Staveley. The undoubted highlight of the section is the rapid through the Cowan Head complex. A weir drops into a long steep powerful (and really fun) rapid. ... read more about Scroggs Bridge to Burneside

Burneside to Scroggs Weir

Grade 2
Length 8 km
Paddleable medium to spate

One weir in Kendal to be aware of in high flows, the remainder is a fun float through Kendal and a nice way to make a full day out of a trip down the Sprint, Mint or upper Kent by linking it with the lower Kent. ... read more about Burneside to Scroggs Weir

Scroggs Weir to Park Head

Grade 4
Length 6 km
Current Level medium @0.72 27 minutes ago

A classic. Short and sharp with a few falls, finishing with a flourish at Force Falls. ... read more about Scroggs Weir to Park Head