Irthing: Lampert to Crammel Linn

Grade 3 (4)
Length 10 km
Paddleable high to spate

in North East · North West · other sections on Irthing


A pretty and remote feeling run, with two rapids of note and a monster of a drop at the takeout. Inspection/portage up the steep bank on river right.

Water Levels

Lots of water is needed, but if you're on a Lakes trip, this might be a good option if the forecast has told you that there's been rain in the borders as the catchment is to the north.

Getting There

Putin W2°30'3" N55°3'44"
Takeout W2°33'37" N55°1'13"

Drive past the put-in for the Crammel Linn section, and continue on up to Butterburn. The takeout above Crammel Linn requires a walk downstream and away from the river, following the footpath to your waiting car.

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