Hindburn: Millbeck to Wray

Grade 4
Length 8 km
Current Level empty @0.33 today at 05:30

in North West


Great run: steep slabs at the start, plenty of grade 3 and then a straightforward but bigger fall towards the end. Beware of this one in bigger levels as there aren't many eddies above it!

Water Levels

Note that the gauge is below the confuence with the Roeburn, therefore the calibrations depend on how much water is coming down each river. If one isn't running, the other may well be...

Getting There

Putin W2°32'14" N54°4'16"
Takeout W2°36'23" N54°6'23"

Takeout at Mealbank bridge, on the B6480 just north of Wray. Putin at the bridge near Lowgill village: go across the first bridge across the Hindburn and 100m later is another bridge over a small side beck at a sharp bend: from here there is access down to the confluence.


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