Haffes: Scwd Ddu to Glyntawe

Grade 5 (6)
Length 2 km
Paddleable spate

in Brecon Beacons ยท South Wales


Outstanding run that is rarely in condition. Requires a 2.5km walkin up the left bank so you can scout the river on the way in. Putin just below a large waterfall: Scwd Ddu (the Black Waterfall). Takeout at above the bridge in Glyntawe, as their is nasty fence just below.

Water Levels

Rarely comes up, only possible in epic water after lots of heavy rain.

Getting There

Putin W3°42'2" N51°50'52"
Takeout W3°40'39" N51°50'6"

Park somewhere near the A4067 bridge at Glyntawe (there's also a smaller bridge just downstream that may be easier to park near). From here you need to walk the boats in up the footpath on river left. Keep going for 2.5km until you reach the plungepool of a large waterfall.

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