Goedal: Wooden bridge to Teigl confluence

Grade 5 (6)
Length 3 km
Paddleable medium to high

in North Wales ยท Snowdonia


A serious undertaking.

Water Levels

Good levels are difficult to catch. The water is released from the Tanygrisiau reservoir and it will normally go for a few days after rain but releases are unpredictable. Needs to have enough water flowing over the slabs at the putin to be paddleable.

Getting There

Putin W3°56'51" N52°58'37"
Takeout W3°57'9" N52°57'41"

Takeout at the confluence with the Teigl where there is a footpath out to the road. Head upstream along the A496 and get on at a small bridge off the main road as soon as it comes back to the river. If you head up higher than this there is a really nasty drop under the next bridge upstream.

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