Glaslyn: Llyn Dinas to A498 roadside

Grade 2 (3)
Length 4.5 km
Current Level empty @0.54 2 hours ago
Volume 10-20 cumecs

in North Wales · Snowdonia · other sections on Glaslyn


Pleasant run with no nasties. Can be combined with the gorge below to provide interest for a mixed group of beginners and experts. Hardest section is about a mile above Beddgelert as the river passes under a bridge, you can stop and take a peek on the shuttle to confirm levels are OK.

Water Levels

Holds water for some time after rain as it is lake-fed, needs to look OK to paddle from the road to be worthwhile.

Getting There

Putin W4°4'6" N53°1'30"
Takeout W4°5'55" N53°0'1"

Putin from any of a number of laybys off the A498 next to Llyn Dinas, a few miles north of Beddgelert. Takeout either in Beddgelert itself, or from another layby off the A498 about a mile south of Beddgelert before the gorge.


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