East Lyn: Brendon to Watersmeet

Grade 4 (5)
Length 4 km
Current Level empty @1.5 3 hours ago

in Exmoor · South West · other sections on East Lyn


Fun continuous boulder rapids and drops. Hardest drop is a two-tier waterfall about halfway down.

Water Levels

Stays up for up to a week after rain, and still goes when the gorge downstream is too high. If there is enough water to float at Brendon, run is worthwhile, but don't run below 1.55 on the gauge as you'll endanger the salmon feeding beds.

Getting There

Putin W3°45'46" N51°13'13"
Takeout W3°48'0" N51°13'27"

Putin at the village of Brendon. Please be considerate and change before you get there. Although it is possible to takeout at Watermeets, you'd be mad not to continue straight onto the section downstream and takeout at the sea.


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