Dugoed: Tafolog bridge to Mallwyd

Grade 3 (5)
Length 4 km
Paddleable high to spate

in Mid Wales · North Wales · Snowdonia


The run starts as a fun grade 3, but after the main road bridge begins to gorge up. Trees are usually a problem, and it can be difficult to stop and portage. The hardest drop is the last drop in the gorge just before the takeout. If you want to avoid the harder bits, it is possible to takeout at the A458 road bridge.

Water Levels

The main river needs to be in spate to be worthwhile, but at these levels the Mallwyd gorge (the grade 5) is sketchy. It is possible to paddle the gorge in isolation at lower levels.

Getting There

Putin W3°38'32" N52°41'46"
Takeout W3°41'10" N52°42'0"

Takeout at the A470 road bridge just north of Mallwyd. To reach the putin head upstream along the A458 crossing from river left to river right. Take a small road towards Tafolog to a bridge where you can get on.

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