Dringarth: Reservoir to Shoni's Farm

Grade 3/4 (4+)
Length 4 km
Paddleable high to spate

in Brecon Beacons ยท South Wales


Fun bouncy run. The harder drop is about halfway down as the banks close in. Watch out for fences.

Water Levels

Runs out of Ystradfellte reservoir and relies on dam spill plus stream top-up.

Getting There

Putin W3°32'1" N51°50'6"
Takeout W3°32'42" N51°49'3"

Takeout at the small bridge in Heolyrhedyn (just north of Ystradfellte) at the confluence with the Llia. To reach the putin head south up a steep hill and take a small road on the left upstream. Head up here for a few km and then park and walk down to the river.

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