Cynfal: Lower Section to Pont Tal y Bont

Grade 5
Length 1 km
Paddleable low to medium

in North Wales · Snowdonia · other sections on Cynfal


First up is a constriction finishing into a boxed in weir. Can scout right/portage right if its low enough. 50m later is a clean 20ft drop which is hard to scout, best taken middle or left. Second 20fter take on river right as there is a tree on river left. Still a clean line. The final 500m is grade 2/3 through a jungle of trees. Has been done without portages - but good luck!

Water Levels

Low or medium/low only. There's a ledge under the bridge at the take out on river left, if its covered then it'll be low and good to go. If it looks more then 6" covered then it'll be a nice med. If its 1ft covered then head for the middle section instead.

Getting There

Putin W3°56'34" N52°57'20"
Takeout W3°57'20" N52°57'17"

Walk up from the bottom on river left. There should be a trail leading down into the gorge at the second style/gate. Get on after the tree choke.

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