Croglin Beck: Nunnery Walks to Eden Confluence

Grade 4/5
Length 0.8 km
Paddleable high to spate

in North West


A series of four waterfalls. The first is a big 10m straight drop into a big plunge pool. The second is a twisty double drop consisting of two 1.5/2m falls. The third is 4m and should only be run in high water. The last drop is a simple river wide 1.5m high ledge. The beck then levels out until you join the Eden.

Getting There

Putin W2°43'5" N54°46'41"
Takeout W2°43'27" N54°46'18"

Either walk up the side of the beck as part of an Eden trip or find the beck next to Nunnery Walks in Staffield.

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