River Conwy

Ysbyty Ifan to A5 bridge

Grade 2/3 (3+)
Length 4 km
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A pleasant run suitable for beginners. The bridge opposite Foel Ddu 3km upstream of the marked putin can be used as an alternative but the run then includes a tricky fall and barbed wire across the river! ... read more about Ysbyty Ifan to A5 bridge

A5 to Penmachno Bridge

Grade 3/4 (5)
Length 6.5 km
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The classic section of the Conwy. The top half is an excellent grade 3/4 run (which can be done in it's own right, taking out at the second lay-by downstream of the bridge at Rhydlanfair on the A5 - Grid Ref:822528). Below here the water is unremarkable grade 3 with two distinctly harder drops. The first is a narrow chute leading to a twisting drop with an awkward landing. This can be viewed and easily portaged river left. The second (the "Gobbler") is a slightly easier S-bend, inspect river left. The portage for the Gobbler requires a bit of clambering around and a 2m seal launch, so is fun whether you run it or not! Take out river left about 1km below the Gobbler, keep your eyes peeled for white marker posts on river left. Go too far downstream and you end up at Conwy falls; the site of numerous mountain rescue team callouts where paddlers have not been vigilant enough. It is probably worth scouting the takeout before you get on. ... read more about A5 to Penmachno Bridge

Fairy Glen

Grade 4/5
Length 2 km
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The reputation of this classic testpiece is probably more fearsome than it is in reality, but it should be respected as a committing run due to the fact that the second half is in a boxed-in gorge. The first half of the run is a good warmup before you reach Fairy Falls, probably the hardest individual rapid on the run: inspect and portage if necessary on the left bank. From here you can escape to the road on river left or continue into a boxed in canyon. 200m downstream of Fairy Falls is the "Pipeline": you are already committed by the time you reach it but can hop out on rocks on river left to pick a line. The final rapid of note an uninspectable horizon line: take this 1.5m ledge drop roughly in the centre. The takeout is obvious as you pop out of the canyon to a calm pool and the confluence with the Lledr. ... read more about Fairy Glen

Beaver Pool to Dolgarrog Bridge

Grade 2
Length 14 km
Paddleable low to spate

A pleasant touring run, most excitement in the top half before the confluence with the Llugwy. ... read more about Beaver Pool to Dolgarrog Bridge