Clough: Garsdale Head to Bellow End Bridge

Grade 4
Length 8 km
Current Level empty @0.99 today at 15:00

in North West · Yorkshire · other sections on Clough


Steep and continuous with regular bedrock falls including the infamous Lemmings drop which is notoriously difficult to stop in time to inspect.

Water Levels

To start right up at Garsdale Head you need tons of water, but the A684 follows the river and there are lots of putins so you can get on a bit lower in more sensible levels.

Getting There

Putin W2°19'56" N54°19'18"
Takeout W2°26'27" N54°18'38"

Putin at on of the many A684 bridges near Garsdale Station if there is enough water (it's obvious just by looking at the river, what you see is what you get). The section is best combined with the lower section of the river.


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