Chwerfri: Comin-y-Garth to Builth

Grade 1/2 (4)
Length 9 km
Paddleable high to spate

in Mid Wales ยท South Wales


A fun little river: there is a single grade 4 drop between two footbridges as you paddle through the Builth Wells golf course.

Getting There

Putin W3°29'35" N52°10'39"
Takeout W3°26'48" N52°9'18"

Turn north off the a483 in the village of Cilmery near Builth Wells; keep heading right and you will reach a small bridge over the river. The takeout is back in Cilmery near the railway tracks. It is also possible to continue joining the Irfon and soon the wye to takeout in Builth itself.

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