Caseg: Afon Wen confluence to upper Gerlan bridge

Grade 4 (5)
Length 3 km
Paddleable spate

in North Wales ยท Snowdonia


Requires a 2-3km walkin. First km is easier gd3, then run builds to continuous gd4. At the takeout bridge just before the confluence with the Llafar is a gd5 drop. It is possible to continue downriver from here but it can be a little sketchy.

Water Levels

Needs to be raining to make the walkin worthwhile.

Getting There

Putin W4°1'36" N53°10'39"
Takeout W4°2'32" N53°10'28"

Find the small road bridge above Gerlan in Bethesda, this is the takeout. By back-tracking downhill and then taking the first right, follow a small road to the start of the walkin (follow the footpath upstream!).

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