Caldew: Sebergham to Dalston

Grade 1/2
Length 10 km
Paddleable low to high

in North West ยท other sections on Caldew


Meandering grade 1 with bits of 2, one large weir near the end which is a prudent portage (left) at high levels, though good fun to run when the stopper at the bottom doesn't look too mean.

Water Levels

Needs some rain, but holds it's level well.

Getting There

Putin W3°0'2" N54°46'3"
Takeout W2°58'54" N54°50'22"

Carpark just below the bridge on river left at Sebergham. From here drive west to the B5299 and turn right to Dalston. There is a footbridge and small car park on river left near the centre of town.

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