River Caldew

Grainsgill beck to Mosedale

Grade 3 (4)
Length 3 km
Current Level empty @0.36 today at 05:30

Relentless fun grade 3 with drops of 4 for the first ~1km especially in high water. Eases to grade 2/3 for the latter ~2km. It is possible to put in higher up if you want a warm up, you'll need to walk for it though. ... read more about Grainsgill beck to Mosedale

Linewath to Sebergham

Grade 2
Length 12 km
Paddleable medium to high

Picturesque grade 2. One broken weir to look out for. Alternative start from Millhouse is possible if the levels are high and you're worried about trees. ... read more about Linewath to Sebergham

Sebergham to Dalston

Grade 1/2
Length 10 km
Paddleable low to high

Meandering grade 1 with bits of 2, one large weir near the end which is a prudent portage (left) at high levels, though good fun to run when the stopper at the bottom doesn't look too mean. ... read more about Sebergham to Dalston

Dalston to Carlisle

Grade 1/2
Length 7 km
Paddleable low to high

Wide meandering section with two weirs to be aware of. The first small weir is just after a railway bridge and washes out in high water but can be very grabby at certain levels. The second is a big drop onto a ledge. A definite portage. The route round both is on river right. You can take out here, or continue through Carlisle itself. ... read more about Dalston to Carlisle