Calder: Thornholme Farm to Calder Bridge

Grade 2/3
Length 4 km
Current Level low @0.64 today at 09:00

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Enjoyable bimble through pleasant countryside, beware of the occasional tree. The whitewater interest lies in the second half of the run where a few rapids liven up the approach to Calder Bridge. It is possible to continue past Calder Bridge, taking in some unusual sandstone gorges. Possible takeouts are a) at a public footpath which goes down to the river, or b) continuing through the Sellafield nuclear site down to the sea. Note that there are a couple of grade 4 rapids through Sellafield which are made all the more interesting by their unique location.

Getting There

Putin W3°26'34" N54°28'3"
Takeout W3°28'43" N54°26'25"

Thornholme Farm can be reached from Calder Bridge by turning off the Cold Fell road as it zig-zags up a steep hill. There isn't much parking, but make sure to leave access for farm traffic. There is a large car park on your left as the Cold Fell road enters Calder Bridge.


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