Artle Beck: Crossgill to Caton

Grade 3/4
Length 5 km
Paddleable spate

in North West


Artle Beck starts with a bang - a cheeky drop immediately after the put-in. The river then makes its way into a steep sided gorge with more fun grade 3 rapids. Beware of trees throughout and a deer fence just above Gresgarth Hall. Just next to the hall is the biggest drop on the river - a large bowl shaped weir.

Getting There

Putin W2°40'57" N54°3'16"
Takeout W2°42'47" N54°4'25"

From Caton, head eastwards towards Brookhouse and turn left up the hill. Follow the road all the way to Crossgill, parking just over the far side of the bridge in a convenient bay, big enough to hold 3 or 4 cars.

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