Arddu: Halfway House to Llanberis

Grade 4/5
Length 3 km
Paddleable high to spate

in North Wales ยท Snowdonia


An adventurous day out with a walkin to the putin. The drops tend to be grouped: a flurry of steeper drops, a breather, then another flurry. The section around the Snowdon railway bridge is grade 5+, and includes Llanberis Falls.

Water Levels

You can walk up to Llanberis Falls from the town itself to have a peek at the current levels.

Getting There

Putin W4°6'14" N53°5'28"
Takeout W4°7'27" N53°6'45"

Head up a steep road beside Llanberis Snowdon railway station that runs near the track. Keep going as far as possible until continuing on foot.

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